Introducing Cigar Luggage – Benchmark Humidors

Introducing Cigar Luggage

Things that go well together:
Cigars, Spanish Cedar, leather (and a good Single Malt). Makes for great luggage.

You can't NOT want to touch it. First the leather, then the wood. The smells. We get goosebumps...Cigar Luggage combines style, durability and practicality into a great new way to keep and transport cigars. Inside you'll find a finely-crafted Benchmark solid-Spanish Cedar humidor featuring dovetailed corners, finger-jointed trays, and a fitted lid bound with leather strap hinges. The 100% full-grain leather exterior is made by none other than our friends at Saddleback Leather Co.®
This combination of durability and protection is a match made in North America, Benchmark being entirely USA-crafted (in Texas) and Saddleback designed in Texas, and crafted in Mexico.