Cigar Luggage Small Hand-Held Satchel "CL-1" – Benchmark Humidors
Cigar Luggage Small Hand-Held Satchel "CL-1"
Cigar Luggage colors are: Tobacco, Dark Coffee Brown, Black, and Chestnut

Cigar Luggage Small Hand-Held Satchel "CL-1"

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Cigar Luggage Small Hand-Held Satchel "CL-1"
There aren't too many things that go better together with cigars than Spanish Cedar and leather (and of course your favorite sipping liquid). The simplest of our Cigar Luggage line, this baby will hold ten (10) Robusto* cigars (up to 5" long) inside our all-Spanish Cedar humidor. The CL-1's lid is friction-fit and held with leather strap hinges. Like all Benchmark Humidors, it is designed for use with Boveda® packs joining the endeavor of preserving your sticks.
Durable as it needs to be, the Hand-Held Satchel itself is made by Saddleback Leather ® with a wrap-around tie and is offered in four colors of 100% full-grain leather (thick leather, mind you). We quite like the idea of your favorite tobacco wrapper correlating to the leather color itself. Hard to forget what you keep inside that way.
This combination of durability and protection is a match made in North America, with our Benchmark being entirely USA-crafted (in Texas) and Saddleback also designed in Texas, and crafted in Mexico. Both carry lifetime warranties.
 *Robusto cigars are typically 4-3/4 to 5-1/2 inches by 48 to 52 ring gauge
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