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About Us

Enjoying a cigar from a Benchmark Humidor at sunset, on a golf course.

Every detail is intentional.
Every detail matters.

A Benchmark portable humidor is made to go with you — anywhere. Comfortably. Beautifully. Your cigars never have to leave their place of safe-keeping, a properly humidified environment, surrounded by their birth-mate, wood. Whether you just left your local cigar lounge, or your desktop humidor at home, there's never been a more appropriate choice for taking a few sticks with you while on the go.

Each humidor is all wood, ergonomically designed with curated veneers and a natural hand-rubbed finish that is food-grade and smooth as silk, water resistant and completely non-toxic. Choose a fine-figured veneer to match your aesthetic taste or to match (or contrast) your favorite Claro, Colorado, or Maduro wrappers.

The humidor's core is made from stable cross-banded birch that forms its unique shape. Made to be pleasing to the touch and to fit comfortably in hand, the humidor's coved edges not only serve as a sturdy grip, but they also can be used as a cigar rest.

Its interior is 100% Spanish cedar cut to allow for the wood's inherent movement that occurs in humid surroundings, this particular wood is on all interior contact surfaces, including the lid.

Entirely USA-crafted. Your Benchmark.


In this quick video, we walk through the attributes of a Benchmark Humidor. Please have a look.


Boveda 8g 72% humidity packets
We have a special relationship with Boveda, the finest 2-way humidity control available, whose products were intended in our design — each ships ready to use with two 8g (75%) Boveda packs. If you have time to season your new humidor, you may. Otherwise, simply remove a pack from its sealed plastic bag, then slide into your humidor and add up to four 54 ring gauge cigars, or up to three 60 ring gauge cigars. Currently, we are making humidors to accommodate up to 6-1/4" long cigars.

We strive for efficiency: The Benchmark lid opens and closes on one end, leaving most of the valuable humidity inside the humidor — it nests like a puzzle piece with the cedar-lined core — snapping closed with satisfying assurance, for a secure seal tight enough to keep your fine cigars in the proper environment.

Finally, we created a seal of excellence that signifies our standard of quality and thoughtfulness. The brass Benchmark seal, we believe, sets a new standard for any portable humidor to be measured against.


If a Benchmark Humidor is in your possession, we will honor its guarantee. Each carries a Lifetime Warranty for materials and workmanship. Your Benchmark Humidor is built to last a lifetime, and while our Warranty is broadly sensible it does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident, submerged, misused or used for anything other than storing cigars in a manner consistent with a Benchmark Humidor's intended use.