FAQ – Benchmark Humidors


What is your shipping policy?

We ship both to the US and internationally. Please see our shipping policy page for current shipping information.

Do you offer Military discounts?

Indeed, we do. Thank you for your service to our country and our fellow countrymen and women. Once you are done shopping our site, just click the "GovX" button in your cart to receive your personal 20% discount. No GovX ID? Create your free GovX account here.

Do I need to season my humidor before using it?

No. Your Benchmark will arrive to you ready to use, but you can choose to season the Spanish cedar first. Every Benchmark package includes two (8g) 75% Boveda packs (for seasoning), and two (8g) 72% packs for maintaining your relative humidity. Just remove a pack from its sealed plastic bag, then slide into your humidor and add your cigars.

What do you mean by “the contact surface is 100% Spanish cedar” …what’s the rest made of?

The core is made from stable cross-banded birch that forms a Benchmark's unique shape. Made to be pleasing to the touch and to fit comfortably in hand, the humidor's coved edges not only serve as a sturdy grip, but they also can be used as a cigar rest.

Can I use my own humidifier?

Yes, you can; however, we not only recommend Boveda two-way humidity control for use in all Benchmark humidors, we designed Benchmark to use them. Your fine cigars can safely lay in direct contact with the Boveda pack without any affect on their flavor. Other humidifiers can leak water, gel or chemicals and ruin your prized sticks.

Does Boveda pay you to recommend their products?

Nope. We chose Boveda for one reason: Boveda is the global leader in two-way humidity control — indeed, the benchmark of their realm.

Do you make desktop or cabinet humidors?

We do not. Benchmark Humidors were designed to fill a void in the marketplace for upscale portable wood humidors.

Can I choose my own special or custom veneers?

Absolutely. We relish to the opportunity to make custom pieces, but please understand that one-of-a-kind pieces will certainly cost more, especially with rare and exotic veneers. Drop us a note on our contact page and we will be happy to quote a custom Benchmark for you.

What’s the difference between (for example) a walnut stain and a walnut veneer? Aren’t colors the same thing?

In short, walnut veneer is a thin-sawn piece of wood from a specific wood species. Some wood products manufacturers use lesser species of wood (like a pine) and stain that wood a “walnut” color. Not us. We only use solid wood veneers with a natural, non-toxic, clear finish.

Why do you use Spanish Cedar?

Every Benchmark's interior is entirely lined with this wood. Why? Spanish Cedar (Cedrela Odorata) is actually closer to the mahogany family and is native to Central/South America. Its prominent cedar-like scent earned it its moniker.

Spanish Cedar has an innate ability to retain moisture while remaining stable. Natural oils the wood exudes compliment essential oils in the tobacco leaves of fine cigars. Happily, the cellular structure within the wood's grain does an excellent job of holding moisture.

Do you have other sizes of Benchmark Humidors?

Coming soon…stay tuned!