Quarter-sawn Fumed White Oak Travel Humidor – Benchmark Humidors
Quarter-sawn Fumed White Oak Travel Humidor
Quarter-sawn Fumed White Oak Travel Humidor
Quarter-sawn Fumed White Oak Travel Humidor

Quarter-sawn Fumed White Oak Travel Humidor

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This is Quarter-sawn Fumed White Oak in our "Maduro" Collection; also called “tiger oak” this wood's tannins are deeply fumed to dark brown in an organic-reactive process to make the rays in the grain stand out. When dark is your go-to...


A Benchmark portable humidor is a safe haven for your cigars, surrounded by their birth mate, wood. Beautiful wood. Each is ergonomically designed with curated veneers fused over a cross-banded birch body. The exterior receives a natural hand-rubbed finish that is food-grade, smooth as silk, water resistant and completely non-toxic. Our fine-figured veneers are twice the thickness of the industry standard, and special care is taken so the grains beautifully align. That process is called "book-matching" where grains mirror each other left to right, from their center line.

Inside the Benchmark, your cigars rest next to 100% Spanish cedar on all contact surfaces, including the lid. It snaps closed with satisfying assurance, tight enough to keep your fine cigars at the proper relative humidity (RH). Your Benchmark’s 6 1/4” deep interior will hold four 54 ring gauge or three 60 ring gauge cigars.

We have a special relationship with Boveda, whose RH-controlling products were intended for use in our humidor design — each ships ready to use; we include two (8g) 75% Boveda packs for seasoning, and two (8g) 72% packs for maintaining your RH. Just remove a pack from its sealed plastic bag, then slide into your humidor and add your cigars.

Whether you just left your local cigar lounge, or your desktop humidor at home, there's never been a more appropriate choice for taking a few sticks with you while on the go.
Entirely USA-crafted. Your benchmark.

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